What does it mean to integrate your faith life into your work life?
Rethink your own passion, potential and purposes for pursuing leadership.

Book Cover - Leadership In Doubt Drawing on his successes and failures as a leader, and finding parallels in the lives of Kings Saul and David, Jae Knowlton’s debut book, Leadership In Doubt, explores how easy and how incredibly difficult it can be to bring our faith to life in our work.

Stories are meant to be shared

In Leadership In Doubt you’ll see familiar Biblical stories take on fresh meaning as you consider their implications for your life and leadership. Knowlton’s relatable experiences as an everyday leader will challenge you to think differently about your own passion, potential and purposes for pursuing leadership.

Jae is not a CEO, SVP or MB. He's just an EOL - an Everyday Ordinary Leader - imperfect but empowered. By inviting us into the joys and struggles of his leadership journey, he reminds us that God is writing a similar story in our lives.


About Jae Knowlton

Hi, I'm Jae Knowlton and I live in Austin with my wife and two kids. I wrote Leadership In Doubt after being originally inspired by God to explore the differing leadership styles of King Saul and King David from the Old Testament. The more I wrote about them, the more opportunities I had to relate my own experiences as a leader to theirs, especially Saul. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was actually writing a book about myself and my own leadership journey.

Jae Knowlton PhotoThere was nothing in my childhood that pointed towards a future leader. During my formative years I never participated in organized sports, I was a horrible Boy Scout, and I was a smart but unremarkable student. I was not inclined towards leadership in school, being shy and unsure of myself.

In college I switched majors 4 times before settling on English. I loved studying great literature, but it wasn't exactly preparing me for a life in the professional realm. I never could have predicted the path towards which God was pointing me - one on which I would become a white-collar professional as a call center manager and director. My experiences were common and every-day, and yet God used them to form the backbone of a story that demanded to be shared, precisely because it's a story that is not uniquely my own. Leadership can be a lonely place, and my goal in writing this book is to point other leaders towards inviting God into their work and workplace in order to experience personal and professional transformation.

Reader Testimonials

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
"If you are a [leader] who wants to hone [your] relationship with God and your personal/professional leadership skills, this is a must-read! With Kings, Bible battles, beer and basketball, it's a page turner. Jae is an excellent teacher and this is a great workbook for Men's Leadership Summits. Concise, clear, and well written, he combines the Old Testament with personal anecdotes. Jae has been genuine in his soul searching and the book leaves you wanting more. He is gifted in spotting and handling problems--intuitive. He nips more problems in the bud effortlessly, through his faith--more than he knows. Makes a gift! Buy some and hand them out to the men in your life." --Deblea Meyer
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I've always felt that I should be doing something that involves getting up in front of a group of people and talking. In high school I enjoyed getting into drama, debate and extemporaneous speech. However, never did I suspect that the subject matter that God would inspire me to talk about would be myself and my experiences. He has placed the dream into my heart of turning this book into a second career as a full-time writer and speaker.

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Topic: "Keeping Our Faith Alive and Relevant After Graduation"

Jae Knowlton speaking at High School This picture was taken with the 2 teachers who invited me to speak at my high school, Nolan Catholic HS in Fort Worth, Texas. On my right is Mrs. Corbett and on my left is Mr. Reyes.

I spoke to 4 different classes of high school Theology.


Topic: "An Unexpected Blessing"

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Why do you have so little faith?


Transformation Through Invitation




Cul de sac


Whose story is it anyway?


Everyday Ordinary Leaders


An unexpected blessing


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